Marlyn Lewis passed away on 22July2021. I (Dennis Lundahl) will be working on any issues people find, so please forward any questions.

This database is in a maintanence mode only.

1. Marlyn added a new "hot key" to the Welcome Page. It is the ancestry of my husband and is called "Dennis Lundahl's Genealogy Site." His ancestry includes people from Sweden (Skåna & Väster Götland (was Skaraborg) counties), Switzerland (Solothurn canton), & New York State Palatine & Dutch settlers.

2. My ancestry is from New England, Virginia, England, Scotland, Germany, & Switzerland (as of 06 OCT 2022).

3. Marlyn was last working on combining the database of a Dorothy Gabriel (a dear friend who passed away) with my database. Her ancestry is heavily into New England, with additional ancestry from Scotland & Switzerland.

4. "Last Edited Date" is now a data element in each record.
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There are probably errors. Please let me know when you discover them. Please be patient. I have many e-mails to answer. Please include the TMG ID record number of the person you want to ask about. Don't give me the page, as that changes with each monthly update.

When consulting the indices, please check "Surnames" as well as "Master Index". For instance, "King James I" could be indexed under James I of Great Britain or Stewart. Some of the people in this database may be listed under their holding (such as Saxony-Anhalt) instead of by their given name. That depends on the source I consulted. Please check under all variations you can think of.

I: The "Surnames Index" tab: Is an index of people with surnames ONLY.

II: The "Master Index" tab:

Provides you everyone in the database, including those without surnames (the surname of the person isn't known or the person is "titled", such as George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland).

As this is a very large database (about 193,000+ names), you need to use the "Master Index" (instead of the "Surnames ONLY" Index as a general rule) to find a person who may interest you. However, if you are certain of the surname, it may be faster to use the "Surnames ONLY" index. (Run your mouse cursor over the "Surnames" and "Index" tabs to see "Surnames ONLY" and "All Persons" indices.)

III: "Charts" tab:

Under this tab is a sampling of my ancestry and that of my in-laws in 14 generations. I've also included 14 generation pedigrees for our cousins George III, King of Great Britain & Ireland and Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of Prussia as examples of the depth of this database. I have also included a descendants chart (to 12 generations) of SOME of Charlemagne's descendants.

IV: "Notable People" tab:

1. Mayflower passengers from the 1620 voyage to the New World (who are in this database) are listed. If you click on the name, you will be taken to where that person is in the database.

2. Magna Carta Sureties in this database are listed. I've included those who left descendants, even though a few of those descendants were illegitimate. If you click on the name, you will be taken to where that person is in the database.

I have suppressed data on all living persons from this database.

You may contact me at: